Chi sceglie il sopravvissuto designato?

Chi sceglie il sopravvissuto designato?

Chi sceglie il sopravvissuto designato?

Solo chi possiede i requisiti costituzionali per divenire Presidente può essere scelto come sopravvissuto designato.

Come finisce la prima stagione di Designated Survivor?

Finale: Prepararsi all'impatto Hahhan Wells deve fermare la cospirazione prima che porti a termine l'ultimo attacco mentre il Presidente autorizza una caccia all'uomo su tutto il territorio nazionale per catturare la mente che ha orchestrato tutto.

Who is Emily Rhodes on Designated Survivor?

  • More... Emily Rhodes is a character in the Designated Survivor series. She is portrayed by Italia Ricci. Emily was the Chief of Staff to the Secretary of HUD Tom Kirkman.

Who is the Designated Survivor in the TV show Designated Survivor?

  • Designated Survivor (TV series) Kiefer Sutherland stars as Thomas Kirkman, an American politician named the designated survivor for the State of the Union address, who suddenly ascends to the position of President after an explosion kills everyone ranked ahead of him in the line of succession.

Is Mykelti Williamson in the new Designated Survivor Series?

  • " ' Designated Survivor': Mykelti Williamson Cast In New Kiefer Sutherland Series". Deadline Hollywood. Archived from the original on Septem. Retrieved Septem. ^ " ' Designated Survivor' recap: It's Michigan vs. everybody!". WZZM. ^ "Rob Morrow to recur". Spoiler TV. Janu.

What happened to Emily in Season 2 finale of Star Trek?

  • The shot only left a scratch and resulted in 13 stitches, Emily was otherwise unharmed. In the season 2 finale, Emily confronted the Chief Justice when a legal dilemma was presented to President Kirkman. Acting on behalf of the White House, this led Emily to contemplate if she was suitable for the job.

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