Che cosa portare per un trattamento in una SPA?

Che cosa portare per un trattamento in una SPA?

Che cosa portare per un trattamento in una SPA?

Cosa portare alle terme: Lista degli oggetti da mettere nello zaino

  • Zainetto compatto e impermeabile (più lucchetto numerico)
  • Costume.
  • Costume di ricambio.
  • Teli/Asciugamani in microfibra (per lettino, sauna, bagno turco)
  • Accappatoio in microfibra.
  • Asciugamano viso.
  • Ciabatte o infradito.
  • Cuffia.

Cosa ci si deve portare alle terme?


  1. Costume (più un ricambio) Se possibile scegline uno vecchio e usato, nelle terme naturali le sostanze contenute nell'acqua potrebbero rovinarne il tessuto. ...
  2. Ciabatte. ...
  3. Cuffia. ...
  4. Accappatoio e telo. ...
  5. Asciugamano per viso e capelli. ...
  6. Biancheria pulita. ...
  7. Vestiti di ricambio. ...
  8. Kit doccia.

What is Sojo Spa Club?

  • SoJo Spa Club offers an unparalleled wellness experience with over 140,000 square feet of pools, specialty baths, saunas, treatment rooms, lounging and dining areas 365 days a year.

What is Sojo like?

  • Sojo is like a more westernized Korean spa. I've heard so much about Sojo, thankful that I finally able to find time to go. I came here on Saturday morning with my fiance, we arrived a little bit after our check in time and there was already a line waiting to checkin.

What is Sojo Spa Club’s Premium Korean body scrub?

  • Sojo Spa Club’s 90-min Premium Korean body scrub is drawing New Yorkers across the Hudson, willingly. SoJo Spa is a fantasy land for those who love to relax. This Korean bathhouse-inspired, multi-level spa offers incredible amenities that make it worth the trip.

What is the food like at Sojo's Korea spa?

  • Food: Usually I love the food at the korea spa, but Sojo's food is a pass. Aside from being overpriced, there wasn't much variety (food is mainly american) and the quality of the food wasn't that great. The dumplings we got were plated nicely, but the dough felt raw and undercooked.

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